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Shawn Adrian

Shawn Adrian is a designer, coder, and co-founder of QuoteRobot and Exching.

I'll never forget the weight of a Rolex on my wrist at 21, or the sting of being bankrupt at 25. It seems some lessons come hard and fast, while others are learned through years of study. Fortunately, I have a ferocious appetite for study and a curiousity that just won't quit.

As a designer my first language is pixels, but I write HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP with the same attention to detail I design with.

In 2010 I co-founded QuoteRobot, a tool that helps other web professionals to quote better and win more projects. That same year I built Exching for my wife, a marketplace for used fashion online. Nowadays I spend my time working on those apps, writing in my blog, tweeting, and developing new ideas for a few clients.

I love to share what I learn, so tune in to my Twitter, or read my blog if you're interested in building the web, working for yourself, design or code.

Shawn Adrian's Background

Shawn Adrian's Experience

Web Application Designer at Freelance

February 2007 - January 2011

I've been freelancing on and off for the last 14 years as a UI designer, web designer, and developer.

User Interface Designer at Magento

March 2007 - November 2010

I designed effective user interface assets for Magento / Varien on and off for a number of years on a variety projects, including Magento itself, and many enterprise eCommerce projects.

User Interface Designer at Bravenet Web Services

January 2007 - April 2008

Lead UI designer on Viviti CMS project - from inception to 1 year post beta launch. I helped Viviti grow to over 60,000 users.

Owner at Push72 Design Inc.

January 2001 - February 2007

Running Push72 allowed me to learn valuable lessons, push myself with a fantastic team of people, and produce work for some exceptional clients. Thankful for the experience, I closed the doors in March 2007 to pursue more hands-on achievements pushing pixels and writing code.

Co-Founder / Creative Director at Input Logic Inc.

January 2011

Input is a boutique agency providing strategy, UI design, ecommerce, mobile, and web application development to startups and growing organizations.

Co-Founder at QuoteRobot

June 2010

QuoteRobot helps designers / coders quote better and win more projects.

Co-Founder at Exching

March 2010

Exching is the marketplace for used fashions. We're working hard to connect buyers and sellers with our upcoming mobile apps and site redesign.

Shawn Adrian's Interests & Activities

Design, code, javascript, economics, theology, boardsports

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